Graham Senior, CEO

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Dear Visitor
Thanks for checking out the website of Beyond the Box.
We're a 'learning hub', a 'knowledge exchange', a 'thinkers'' cafe', a 'resource centre' and 'High Street Staff Room' all rolled into one . A vibrant co-working space where members can meet up and get their work done in the heart of Coventry.
Beyond The Box was born out of a desire to see people given the time and space that they need to do their jobs properly. Our vision is to see everyone who values and promotes learning given the opportunity to collaborate with one another. To this end we provide a well-resourced space in the heart of the city and  promote better work-life balance in the community.
Perhaps you are a sales rep living out of a briefcase during the week? A secondary school teacher looking for a quiet space to get some lesson preparation done, maybe? Or a homeschooling Mum who is looking for some inspiration to teach an unfamiliar topic? Even a private tutor looking for somewhere central to meet your pupils. Whoever you are,  I hope you will consider it worthwhile to visit us at The Box.
Elsewhere on this site, you can find out about the special events that we run, generally on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (What's on @ The Box). You can also find out about what's on offer at the cafe and the stationery shop.
Graham Senior, CEO