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What's on the Menu?

The Cafe at the Box serves teas, coffees, cans and snacks throughout the day. At lunchtime, we have partnered up with our near-neighbours, NOSH, on the other side of the Bull Yard to bring their no-nonsense food to you at very reasonable prices. If you're at The Box before 11 am, we can order a variety of breakfast rolls and baguettes for you. For example, a soft floured bap with bacon or sausage or egg will cost you £2.00. For £5.00 you can get a Full On Breakfast Tray. Later in the day, why not try a jacket potato (£2.50 each) with extra fillings from 50p? There are also sandwiches and baguettes from £3.00 and hot baguettes, toasties and paninis from £3.50. 

You can check out NOSH's website at to see their full menu and/or call them on 02477 043929. If you would like us to send out our drone (well, actually one of the staff, but I guess there's an idea there) to collect your food, all you need to do is add 50p to the menu price of each item. We'll then make the call on your behalf and send someone out in the wind and the rain to collect your lunch.

We support local businesses by buying our ingredients from independent retailers, for example, the stalls on Coventry market. In this way, we hope that our food doesn't clock up too many food miles on its way to you.